Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yes, I know it's been a couple of months since I have indulged my once a month rantings on writing.  I'm here now and ready to dive in!  Topic?  Hmm...I have contemplated this for a while and have decided to try to figure out what makes a writer write about their personal genere.  We all have it!  Whether it's PB, YR, MG or YA; Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia or Steampunk.  Choosing whether to write in 1st Person, 3rd Person---past, present is yet aother obstacle to deal with. So many different choices, so many different levels.

Me... I dabble in a bit of, well, let's just say I've done a couple of different ones.  I started off with what I thought would be appropriate for YR Fantasy.  Everything written, I now wonder if I want to break up the stories and individualize them.  I know I'm not really making sense with this one--it's a difficult one to explain.  After completing several stories, (and more to come)  I decided to put them on the back burner and dabble with YA Fantasy choosing 3rd Person, Past, Omniscent Voice.  Yeah, I know right!!

Now complete, and working on the beginnings of 2nd novel, this time choosing 1st Person, Past---just to challenge myself.  I began to notice a pattern of my writing.  DEATH.  Yeppers---everything I have written so far has death involved in one way or another.  Not the blood and guts, devil comin for ya, zombie's wanna eat ya kinda death, but death nontheless.  Yes, even in my YR stories death is involved---but not the way you think.  It's more about children dealing with the loss of someone they loved.  So, yes death, but in a really good way.

I know my writing comes from dreams I had/have.  These particular dreams taunted me forever and became one of my main forces to put pen to paper.  Writing about dreams is a difficult genre to overcome.  There's just too much out there and very competitve so uniqueness is key.  I think I have that, but only time will tell.

So, I pose this question to you, my dear friends.  What is it that drives you to write in the genre you chose?  Why PB, YR, MG or YA?  Why Fantasy, Sci-Fi?  Do you write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd?  Past or Present?  What goes on in your head that causes the paper to dance as you type?

There you have it!  Dig deep and try to figure out why you write in the style you write and let me know!!                                                             See ya soon!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On The Upside!!

So my last post, dreary as it may have been, was just my way of venting.  I have said up front, my blogging is going to be more geared to my life and all that goes with it so if I bored you with that one, I apologize.  NOT!!!  We all have the need to vent every now and again... I'm glad some of you were here to listen (or read.)  Things have gotten somewhat better and there may be light at the end of this dark tunnel.  If I could get ahold of my flashlight it might be better but as luck has it, my batteries are dead!

Happier and much calmer days are ahead.  This is the end of November and while I didn't fully commit myself to NaNo, I did start a new YA Novel.  I find myself becoming a writer about death!!  Some of you are familiar with my first YA Novel--Death & the Dreamers.  I am sending queries for that one now.  My new one also involves death, but in a different way.  I haven't quite decided on a title yet but I'm leaning towards Dimensions.  Is this a weird fixation I have or what!!??  Come to think of it... the YR stories that I have completed also involve death.  Those stories however are meant to help children deal with the loss of a loved one---so yeah, quite different.  (Still---death)

There's more good news for D#4 and her Color Guard team.  The entire team (band & guard) took 2nd place or what they call Grand Champions for placing 2nd three years running.  They are continually beat out by the Lafayette team and we continually hear--y'all should have taken 1st!! The comments following the video speak for themselves.  Other statewide band members gave them rave reviews.  If you have 10 minutes to spare you should watch.  They really are a talented bunch of kids and I hate to brag but I will.  Myself and another mom were single handly responsible for the flags the girls used.  That's 21 girls, three different flags--the purple ones were X2.  That's a grand total of 84 flags we made in a month's time.  WHEW!!!  It was a huge task to take on---but very well worth it to see them on the field!

Next up is the Winter Guard season and that means new flags, costumes, dancing and more competitions!!  Me thinks I'm gonna wear down before she does.  I couldn't be more proud of her and already D#5 is wanting to join next year.  I may be getting myself in way over my head---what mom wouldn't want to be a part of their child's life in this way??  I definitely count my blessings!!!

See ya soon!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

On The Down Side

As you may have noticed, it has been quite some time since I've last been here.  Unfortunately, I have been going through some rough patches.  (Yes, more than one!!)  It all started with my computer crashing a few months ago and my panic state of mind to find and replace all of my files---pics & novel (holy shit) being most important to me.  In my defense, I was steadily working on rewrites and edits and had just completed them and was ready to use my flash sticky thingy when my world came crumbling down.  Now, having recovered my entire story (Thank God) I am on the move again. 

During all of that time, I was able to dedicate myself to D#4's Color Guard team.  I became the new mom to the girls and I have loved every second!!  I'm the mom out on the field during practices supplying them with water, snacks and stuffs.  I'm not alone, of course.  There are 150 band and color guard students to take care of, so it takes two of us to handle them.  We have had 2 competitions so far and have had placed in both but the showcase is this weekend and it is the one where we really want to take the top prize!!

In the midst of all of this, I have to begin packing my house.  Yes, foreclosure is at my doorstep.  It seems to be taking over the country right now and I have been awaiting my turn for a while.  I have ended my marriage of thirteen years but I'm in a very good place with that.  It may have well ended the life the girls and I have come accustomed to, but in my heart, I know I have done the right thing.  We may have to leave what they have come to love behind (because he does not believe he should pay for where he does not live anymore)-- but I think through it all they are handling things quite well.  In the end, it will be him that suffers...the girls are smarter than he thinks.

My next step is to hopefully find a stay at home job (hard find--I know) before we lose everything.  Bad thing is... my time is very (very very) short!!  So I pack, go to school for mom duty, look for job and pray, pray, pray.  In the end, I believe everything will work itself out and things happen for a reason and one door closes another opens and every other cliche you can think of.  For now... I take things one day at a time and keep moving forward.

I know I'm not alone!!!! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun

What did I sign up for here???  Most of you know that D#4 made the Color Guard Team for her high school.  What you don't know is that our summer has been shot to hell and back again.  While I couldn't be more proud of her, my body is aching for her.  It started in July with a week long camp to learn flag throws.  9am - 5pm---not so bad.  She was excited every day and came home afterwards to practice.

Last week was a toughie.  Again 9am-5pm but they had to now put their moves to music.  The day started with an extremely rough workout.  Outside, in the heat (and here the heat is unbearable) for 2 hours!  A mile run, push-ups, crunches--you name it, the drill instructor had them dropping like flies.  I know this because like a good loving mom, I volunteered for the week.  Thank goodness I did!!  Mine was one of the ones that dropped!!  I administered the water and gator-aid to the victims and escorted them into the gym where they could re-coup in time to start the aerobics session of the day.

All in all the week didn't go so bad.  A few kids dehydrating, some puking and a sprained ankle (again--mine) caught some very demanding instructions to make sure they eat fruit and drink plenty water before returning to camp.  These next two weeks are the worst of the worst!!  We start at 8am and don't finish until 8pm!!  Yes, that's right a whopping 12 hour day.

I decided, since I was there the entire week last week, that I would take a couple of days off this week.  I will be right back there again tomorrow morning watching these kids put all of their hard work together for their performance at the end of next week.  They are a very hard working group and intend to win a competition held in Lafayette, LA at the end of October.  Though they return to their homes every day exhausted, smelly and looking like wet mops, their efforts will be paid off in the end.

Of course, I am especially proud of D#4 for sticking this through and can't wait to be sitting in the stands watching the football team lose (hate to say it but they are not one of the best football teams in the area.) and waiting like everyone else in the stands for the half-time performance.  Even the opposing teams' band comes over to our side of the stands to watch a trophy winning Band & Color Guard perform!!!  Will definitely try to post some video when they perform---although my footage may be bias!!  I will be focusing on my baby girl for the whole thing!!  Wish us luck!!                   See ya soon!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monthly Writer Moment

So June seemed to slip by without me noticing.  Too much of the drama interferes with my commitment to my blog.  For this session of writing I have chosen to pose a question.  If you have read any of my blogs, you may have noticed that I love exclamation points!!!  Here's the question:  What is your favorite punctuation mark?

I actually have two and love to use them expressively!  The first, of course, is the exclamation.  It says so much, don't you think.  I use it for surprise, shock, happiness and mostly to express that particular sentence with a did-you-catch-that kinda punch.  Ex:  My daughter made Color-guard at her school!!!  I'm excited, thrilled, happy, proud and boasting all in one sentence using exclamations to shout about her achievement.  I luvs being expressive!!

My second favorite is the ... (dot-dot-dot)  Why?  I'm not really sure.  I think it's because it kinda leaves ya hangin.  It's open to leave you to decide what your thoughts are after the ...   I like the wondering, the what was he/she gonna say?  The where did he/she mean to say?  Is this gonna end good or bad?  Does it do that for you?  I like that it leaves you, the reader, to guessing and prompts you to read on.  Recently, (and I'm a sucker for reality TV) the ... was used to end a relationship on the Bachlorette.  The lying shithead left the show telling her let's not end this with a period, let's see how things go with you and the rest of the guys and we'll keep our relationship open with a dot-dot-dot.  Naturally, she had fallen for the guy and continued to believe that there may be more to them because of his comment; leaving the rest of the guys hangin.  What a douch!!! (notice exclamations)  You get the idea of what a ... can do!  What else was she suppose to think!

So there it is.  My two favorite punctuation marks!  I sometimes have to contain myself while writing, of course, but in my e-mails, blogs or chats, you will very often find my !!!!  and ...  appearing everywhere.  Favorites anyone???  (Question mark coming in close third)                       See ya soon!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Delight

In the spirit of Father's Day, I shall dedicate this to my dad!  In the great realm of things, I must say I (along with 5 other siblings) was quite blessed having two of the best parents anyone could have.  As a young girl, I knew my dad to be a very loving, caring, devoted and strong man.  He worked for the telephone company all of his life.  He climbed telephone poles in those days.  He stayed quite fit.  He was also in the Army; a Sergeant Major in rank.  Paratrooper, Green Beret, Special Forces.  Needless to say, he was the one to dole out discipline when needed.  If my mother uttered the words, "Wait till your dad gets home," we knew we were in big trouble.  I'm sure many of you have heard those words---that was back in the day where a good ass whoopin did not involve 1-800-child-abuse.  I wasn't so much on the receiving end of the paddle, but I had my fair share of spanks.

No matter what, every couple of years, the six of us, mom & dad and two selected cousins hit the road for a two week vacation.  Trust me when I say we were no where near rich.  We drank powdered milk just like most in those days but together they managed to save enough money to take us on a traveling frenzie; sometimes east, sometimes west.  At the time, we had a station wagon jam packed with kids, luggage, tent and camping gear strapped on top.  They called it an adventure; we called it boring---then.  Now, I relish and hold on to the memory of each one of those trips.  Some memories as a young girl, some as a teenager (my personal favorite--Grand Canyon) I still hold dear to my heart.  I didn't know then how those times would impact my life as an adult.  What kid does?  I could really tell ya some stories from some of those trips.  I'll save that for another time.

My dad has literally been a great force in the person I am today.  His strength has given me strength, his love and devotion has given me a huge heart to which I can only hope to pass on the my girls.  I take a few things away from my mother who's love and dedication was to her children and other family.  (Which is why the cousins were always included on several trips.)  I know I get that from her!

My mother was with us until 2003 then passed away peacefully after fighting cancer for five years.  I was fortunate enough to be there for her during her last month on this earth and what pained me more then letting her go was watching my dad let her go.  It was excruciating to see the love of his life leave him.  He sat, everyday, dedicated.  Vigilant.  Worn and exhausted.  Drained and hopeless.  Lost and alone was what he would say.  To which I would remind him that he still had the six of us.  Nothing could describe what he must have been feeling.  I would lose my mother any day and feared my dad would follow her.

Thankfully, I still have my dad!  We did make it through one of the toughest times any of us could have imagined.  Today, I can write about this... then I couldn't even fathom it.  My dad has found peace in knowing that he is doing exactly what my mother would have wanted.  They always planned on traveling after we had all grown---married---and left the house.  They did for a short time before mom became ill.  To this day, this eighty year old strong willed, strong minded and stubborn man still travels.  "It's what mom would want me to do," he tells us.  "I take her with me everywhere I go."

I couldn't have been more blessed to have you as my dad and only hope that I have met your expectations as much as you have met mine.  I love you Daddy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drama Continues!

So it has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to post and right now I am using the kiddies computer.  My computer has taken a total nose dive!  Like really crash and burn, leaving me with fingers aching to hit the keyboard.  One lesson I have taken from my tragic computer failure is no matter how much you love the little ones, never-ever... allow them full usage of the computer.

The story goes:  Nick Jr. is a great site to keep the grand babies entertained, but don't leave them alone.  Not for a second!  They can be quite sneaky when your head is turned.  Things were going great.  Family get-together, swimming, playing Wii games, kiddies on computer; great fun right!?  Next thing I know, I see my computer shut off.  I look over to see youngest has pressed the button---because it told her to!  LOL--I can do that now.  Then, I walked over and hit the button to reboot the computer.  What do I get---a blank screen---then safe mode option (which I thought strange, but selected open normally)--then back to safe mode screen again.

This continued for quite a while until I gave up and sent everyone away from the computer area.  The next morning, I checked again.  I got a repeat of the same formats!  Uuuuugggghhh!!  I decide to go to Office Depot and inquire what I need to do to which the guy in the computer department informed me that my computer was fried.  (Yes, he used those exact words)  "It's dead," he says, "you probably bought a cheap computer."

Now I'm pissed!  "A cheap computer?  Is that what you sell here?  Cause this is where I bought it!"  I was literally ready to clock the guy on the side of the head with the two books I had just purchased next door at Books A Million!  "Don't y'all have anyone that can at least check it out for me?"   "No," he says, "best thing for you to do is buy a new one."  To which I reply, "I won't be buying anything from this store again.  You can count on that one."  Needless to say, I stormed out!  Came home, cried for an hour over my anxiousness---having just completed my YA Fantasy Novel and Query ready to send out---I did not think to back it up!!  I was sick to my stomach!  Called the Geek Squad from Best Buy and the guy there said---the idiot from Office Depot didn't know what he was talking about and they could recover everything for a mere $100.00.

Well, with a family member being a geek himself, I called him.  It has been two weeks and we have tried everything we could possibly do and still nothing.  I'm in a dead panic but I'm holding out hope for one more thing he has up his sleeve and still believes we can recover everything.  Until then I am in limbo!!  I hope to continue to post on the girls computer so hang in with me!!  Wish me luck!!              See ya soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writer Moment

I know that I have said that this blog would be a bit different from other writer's blogs but I've decided a once a month writer's moment can't hurt.  So this blog is dedicated to my unending battle with my query.  I belong to the great and wonderful family of writers who help other writers work to be the best they can be.  That would be the Absolute Write family.  Better known as AW'ers!

I have to say that back in November 2010, I discovered a website holding a contest for first time YA novel writers. (Yay--that's me)  Unpublished  (Uh, yay?--that's me too)  Deadline December 31st  (Whoa--I just started this novel in Nov.  Can I pull this off?--Yeah, go for it!)  So every day and every night for nearly thirty days I pounded the keyboard.  I must admit, it wasn't as clean as I would have liked it to be but complete nonetheless!  I got my novel in before the contest deadline.  (Go me!)  Unfortunately, my novel was not the selected winner but at that point that was not what mattered to me.  I had finished a YA novel!  With the extra time now, I can clean up things and bring it to a point where I was ready for submissions.

With the help of some of the most awesomeness of AW'ers as Beta Readers, I have perfected what I am comfortable with submitting!  On to writing the query.  Uuuggghhh---that means hell on AW.  QLH (Query Letter Hell) has been both a blessing and a pulling my hair out experience.  It has taken me quite a while to really get my query to a happy point. 

When they say hell  they mean just that.  I started with what I thought was a pretty darn good query and was set back with some of the responses.  All of them very helpful but all of them completely different.  Which one do you go with?  So, I returned to the drawing board and went for it again.  Again, helpful suggestions and again very different suggestions.  This went on for quite a while, and actually, if I posted another query, I know for sure I would get the same results.  Please don't get me wrong--I love everyone there who at least takes the time to stop by and read and suggest.  My point is that everyone has a completely different opinion on the who, what, when, where, how and why.  It is ultimately up to you--the writer--to figure out what works and what doesn't.  I enlisted the help of a few people who followed every query I posted for an extra assist and to them I am truly grateful! 

So now, with query in hand... well on file... I embark on my next step.  Wish me luck and maybe by next month's Writer Moment, I will be able to share some awesome news!              See Ya Soon

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Just Me!!

Okay--so maybe it wasn't just me!  The blog that I thought had disappeared into cyber-space has now reappeared!  I understand that it wasn't me at all---it was the blog site!  LMAO!  Maybe I am perfectly sane then!  :) 

Now you can enjoy all three!                                See ya soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

That's Just Me!

Yes, you will learn that I have CRS!  It's not contagious nor is it something that will affect my health, but damn, it does tick me off sometimes.

I totally had a great post that I wrote on Tuesday--all about my Mother's Day fun.  You'll have to take my word for it--it was funny!  It involved D's #1 & 2 and had a moral to the story and everything!  To my shock, I signed onto my blog today and found it not there!  WTH!  Damn--it was really good.  Some of you who know me, know that my brain plays games with me.  I will think I hit the send button on the computer and accidentally hit delete!  I have become infamous for doing these silly things.  So, my guess is that it has carried over to my blog. 

I hit the preview button to make sure what I had typed was error free.  I then should have entered the publish post button----obviously, that's not what I did.  I really wish you could have read that one!  I won't lie, it really was a good one!  I had to laugh at myself as I was writing it! :)  I wish I could remember the entire story so that I could repost, but alas---CRS! 

For now, this one will have to do.  I apologize for the loss of such a great story, but be assured, there will be more to come!  Oh, yeah---for those of you who have never had or experienced CRS---then you're too young to be affected.  For the rest of us---CRS---Can't Remember Shit!!                  See ya soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

I honestly have to say that I had a great Mother's Day!  Daughter #2 has recently moved into her own home and decided to have a get-together to celebrate Mother's Day.  I believe it was the first time in... well, I won't say how many years, but alot will do, that I did not have a function at my home.  Typically, go figure, all the girls with kiddies and hubbie in tow would come to my house for a BBQ.  I was pleasantly surprised when Daughter #2 asked me if I wouldn't mind if she did the BBQ this year!  YAY!  A real Mother's Day where I wasn't the one doing all of the work.  It turned out that she did a crawfish boil instead but hey, all I had to do was go and enjoy! 

Now, I've told y'all before that there is always drama in my home.  When I say my home, I don't literally mean in my house.  I mean within my family, more specifically with my girls.  Enter Drama!  Daughter #1 decides that she also wants to have a get together at her place.  No problem.  Go early to #2's place, eat crawfish, spend some time with grandbugs then head over to #1's place.  NOT.  You see, I know #1 too well.  I have to watch the clock while I am at #2's place to see just how long I've stayed there so that I can spend the equal amount of time at #1's.   D#1 called while I was by D#2's to make sure I was still coming.  Of course I am.  I will be there in about an hour.  Thank goodness they live near each other and I didn't have to go far to get to her place.

So I spend two hours, tops--I swear, at D#2's, say our good-byes, pack up D#3, 4, & 5 and head to D#1's.  Having just eaten crawfish, I figured just spending time with other grandbugs would be fun.  When we arrive there, she has BBQ'd chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs sitting on the table ready to eat.  I told her that maybe D#4 would eat (she's not partial to crawfish) but the rest of us were fine.  She asked if I wanted to take some home, to which of course I accepted.  We were there for a little over an hour and I could see D#4 & D#5 were wearing down.  With school the next day, I told them to get ready we would go ahead and go.  D#1 was not going to let that happen!  "You stayed longer by D#2's than you did here---why do you want to leave?" 

It was the aha moment!!  There it is!  The point where you know that you know your kids a little too well.  Something told me that was coming.  Then she broke out temptation.  A weakness I have.  Filet!  Hot off the pit.  Seems she knows me as well as I know her.  D4 & 5 and I dove into the steak like we hadn't had a thing all day to eat.  Needless to say I wound up spending my two hours with D#1 and family anyway!

My moral of this story?  Shit on this shit!!  Next year, I'm having Mother's Day at my house!!   See ya soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Proud Mama

So last night at the girls school they held what they call a Highlights Night!  It's purpose is to show parents, friends and everyone else who attends the things your child has learned all year.  It is set up throughout the school in every hallway, some things are held in the classroom. 

We rush to get there for 6:00pm because daughter #5 is dancing in the gym.  It was a Social Studies rap song that a group of 140 kids put together about Paul Revere!  Naturally, daughter #5 had said she and just a couple of her friends were the only ones who could really do this particular dance and to my surprise, she was right.  You have to picture 140 students trying to move and sing at the same time, all together, in get my point.  She did great!  She is definitely my goofy child!!  She brings a smile to everyone's face and will have you in stitches with her silliness.

Daughter #4 had met up with some friends and was pretty much on her own until it was time for her art showing.  Daughter #5 now has to make a mad dash to her French class where she is serving French pastries.  The class was decorated to look like a French cafe--desks pulled together and covered with table cloths, a small vase of flowers for the extra touch and the kids with their French berets!  Too cool.  And the pastries... nummmmy!!  After her time in French class daughter #5 volunteered to sell the Highlight book which has poetry, artwork and other writings from students.  Future authors!!  Be on the lookout!!

I meet up with both girls for a little dinner.  Hot dogs (chili, cheese), Nacho's (chili, cheese) drinks and chips but hey, it hit the spot.  We move on to the library where a silent auction was being held but I wasn't there for that.  Daughter #4 had her artwork displayed on the other side of the library.  I was completely shocked when I saw her work.  I have told y'all that she is being tested for talented week.  The work that we submitted for her came from last year's portfolio.

She has always had a talented hand with art (and I can tell ya--she doesn't get it from me!) but this was beyond what I thought I was going to see.  Her detail, the colors and the scenes were amazing.  Not that everyone's work was not great, it's just that you can tell when someone's work goes beyond great.  I would point out others and say,  'oh, this one is good!' and she would reply, 'yeah, she's in talented art.'  Daughter #4's work was damn near, if not better than kids who are already in the talented art program!

All in all, it was a great night and the girls and I had a great time.  I'm always proud of my girls no matter how silly or spectacular they do with their interests, I let them know!  I am one proud mama!       See Ya Soon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teen Suicides

Okay--very painful subject but I feel the need to address it.  My neighbor called this morning to tell me to put on the Today Show.  There were two moms on the show talking about their 14 YO girls from Minnesota who had apparently made a pact to hang themselves.  One of the girls was being treated for depression, the other left a note on FB explaining to her aunt that she just couldn't take the bullying anymore.  (Not her exact words, but close enough.)

Which brings me to one of my earlier posts about daughter #5 who is having issues with a group of girls at her school.  It started when she entered 7th grade.  This particular girl (who is head honcho for the group) has had it out for daughter #5's best friend and got pulled into mix by association.  Nonetheless, she is catching crap from this girl---I shall call her girl X.  Girl X has been a bully since MG and has a large following.  I personally have seen the bullying actions of this girl and had reported her to the principal at the time of the incident.  She was, of course, suspended... but, returned to school with no other reprecussions. 

Girl X is in 8th grade (same as daughter #4) and has never messed with her.  She seems to pick on the ones who are...well, let's go with... shorter, more frail, pretty--(because no one can be prettier than her.)  Girl X has taken this bullying outside of the school.  Her posse follows along where ever and whenever.  All reports have been made to the school and well, they had their counseling and closed the book.

At Christmas, there was a festival at our church.  Now Girl X does not attend our church, but she does however go to the teen functions because they are open to everyone!  So low and behold....she is at the Christmas festival.  I drop daughter #5 off with BFF and leave.  (You must understand that this function is very closely monitored--adult supervision and church volunteers)  I return for pick-up and after announcing her name for 15 minutes, she finally comes to my car.  "Mom," she says, "somethings happened and you have to come."  I am not one to freak out until I know the situation, so I calmly follow daughter #5.  She brings me to BFF who is being guarded by one of the kid's pastor.  He explains to me that Girl X attacked BFF from behind and they fought.  (Now, I'm responsible for this child as she was in my care at the time.) 

I look over to the other side of the field where Girl X was being guarded by the police (who were on duty there at the time.)  I tell the pastor to call BFF's mom and get her here, she may want to press charges.  I speak to her mom, who is well aware of the entire situation with school, and she tells me she is already in route.  I stay until she arrives, daughter #5 gives police statement and we leave.

Now comes the good part!!!  You remember I talked about the website Formspring...okay.  I take daughter #5 to get something to eat on the ride back home.  Well apparently, by the time we arrived back home, Girl X and posse had been released.  I didn't get word until later that BFF's mom decided not to press charges... she didn't want to see this troubled girl (Girl X) go to juvi!!  And just so you know as a side note, Girl X does have issues---no excuse for me!!  Anyway, daughter #5 gets on the computer knowing there will be talk on FB about the "big fight."  Determined that she would tell exactly what happened she logs in.  I stand behind her the entire time.  Next thing you know---there it is!!

Plastered all over FB---Girl X---"Just got in a fight and kicked some ass."  Naturally, daughter #5 wants to jump in and I have to give her the whole "she's not worth it" speech.  Now, daughter #5 goes to Formspring.  Totally new to me, so again, I stand back and watch.  To my shock, she is sending messages to daughter #5, threatening her, calling her names, telling her she'll see her in school and much, much, much, much more!!  Her language alone would make you cringe coming from a 14 YO.

I turned on the printer, printed everything she said and had daughter #5 cancel  her  Formspring.  I also had her block Girl X from her FB.  The difference between the two is at least FB you can block someone, more importantly she can be reported.  Formspring allows anyone to say anything without any rules!!!

This entire story is to express to you the importance of staying on top of what is going on with your children.  Do not allow them to use FB without having their password so that you can see what is going on.  It's not that you don't trust them... it's ones like Girl X that you have to worry about.  If you find anything, please, please, please notify your child's school, report whoever it is to FB, block that person from your child's friend list and above all----print copies of anything that has been said and file away!!  Talk to your children people--- cyberbullying is killing our kids!

Whether these two girls had other reasons for what they did, no one will ever know!  One of them definitely used FB and again, if either used Formspring we won't know that either. What I do know is that I would rather have my daughters pissed at me for a while and know they are still with me than to have done nothing and lose my kids over stupidity!!  It's just not worth it!!          See ya soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teen Drama

There is one thing that is always going on in my home.  Drama!!  This week's drama is the devastating break-up between daughter #4 and her boyfriend.  I know, I know.  Two months is a long time to be together and the pains of losing the love of your life has left her saddened.  Yep, you got it--- the old girlfriend came back into the picture and he jumped ship to go back to her.

Like any mom would, I saw the approaching signs.  Didn't want to come over to visit, didn't want her over, made excuses (my mom won't let me kinda thing) for not wanting to go to a movie etc.  I let her know that things just seemed a little strange and she may want to back out.  Girls are very stubborn when it comes to taking advice but having older sisters and a mom that gets a very good read from people, she was prepared.  They went together to the school dance and he spent a few hours at my home over the weekend.  On Monday, she was given the news!

Daughter #4 is not your typical teen.  She handled the whole situation very well.  She told him if that's what he wanted then she was fine.  She wished she would have known he still had feelings for the other girl 'cause she would have asked someone else to go to the dance.  She then ended the chat (FB chat---what a way to break up) went into her room, then walked outside.  As a concerned mom, (1st love---devastation) I gave her a few minutes alone, then followed out the back door.

Now here's where I have to give you the visual.  Right outside my backdoor  (approx. 60ft. away) we have an open fire pit.  Great for winter cold and awesomeness to sit out and just enjoy.  Well, there she was.  Sitting on the side of the pit looking into the fire.  "Fire!!  What are you doing???"  I walk over to the pit to see the stuffed animal her now ex-boyfriend had given her slowly burning.  Wanting to comfort her, I sit and place my arms around her.  "Are you okay?"   "I'm fine," she responds.  "In that case we need to help this thing burn."  I go into the shed, fill a small cup with gasoline and pour it onto the slow burning bear.  It naturally shoots up in flames and she bursts into laughter.  "Go get more!"

By this time daughter #5 spots us and hollers at daughter #2 (who was visiting at the time) and the four of us sat outside laughing and cutting up.  We kept the fire going for a couple of hours with logs and it turned out to be a great bonding night! 

Boys will come and boys will go, but there's nothing like a good fire!  See ya soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Let me set the stage on this one.  Daughter #4--1st grade--03/04 school year.  I always knew she had a gift.  She's loved drawing since she was very little.  Scribbles at first that progressed into beautiful advanced work for a six year old.  Near the end of her first grade year, her very special teacher calls me into the class.  At that time, I was voluteering a lot at the elementary school.  Daughter #5 was in kindergarten and I put in as much time as I possibly could.

Her teacher tells me that she would like to have d#4 tested for Talented Art.  I'm thrilled at this point cause now I know it's not just me that notices her work.  You all know as moms, we say how great our kiddies are but when you hear it from someone else... wow!  The teacher calls in and has the "art specialist" visit the school for testing---Round 1.  We are asked to bring in a portfolio of her work to be looked over.  No problem!  I have been saving her work for a while so we put together a portfolio.  She passes round 1 and we are asked to go to the local headquarters where Round 2 will be held.  The date was set and of course, we were there.  She goes in alone while proud mama sits and waits.

After an hour and a half she's done.  On the way home I asked her what did they have her do.  She tells me they made her draw a man in a boat fishing.  I asked her how she thought she did... she says great.  I'm happy.  After 4 weeks they send you a notification in the mail to let you know if she has been accepted.  (Long process, I know!)  We get the letter and BAM--she misses getting into the program by one point.  One point!!  The letter says you can call to inquire why she wasn't accepted, which I did on her request.

I ask the lady on the other side of the phone, "What did she do wrong?"  Her answer, "She did not show any shadowing in her picture."  Hmmm.... I think to myself... 1st grade and they want Picaso!  I now have to explain to her what she did wrong.  Her response,  "Mom, it was noon time.  You don't see your shadow at noon time!"  HA!!  Now I'm wondering if I should call back and tell them what she just told me.  I decide not to for two reasons.  1)  They would never believe that it was her that said it...  2)  They obviously want art done according to their standards.  The question was did I want my child to be creative on her own, doing her own thing?  Or--do I want someone standing over her telling her to do it this way (according to them)?

We sat down and talked about it and decided I would let her do her thing!  "In time," I told her, "you will be recognized for your own work."  And she was!  In 6th grade she entered a school art contest called Reflections.  Her work took her to State Finals!  In your face talented art!!  D#4 is now an eighth grader.  Over the years, she was approached to be tested again but together we decided for her to continue doing her own thing!  Now... her 8th grade art teacher has asked she do it again.

This time, D#4 wants to be tested.  Not wanting to hold her back, I agreed.  She was again asked to bring in her portfolio.  One major No No is nothing animated!  So we pull out all of her drawings, sketches etc., of the Anime's she loves to draw and her more recent Steampunk art.  Uggghh---this stuff is really good, but she wants to get in, so we comply.  She passes Round 1... naturally, and now has a testing set up at the facility in May. 

My dilema.... I couldn't be more proud of her when it comes to her artwork!  She really is good!  (Not just mom saying that!)  Point---she really has come into her own with her creativity and draws things she really loves.  If she is accepted in May, she will be forced to draw what is acceptable according to the Talent Art Program.  So now---as much as I want to support her in what she wants, I don't want her to be disappointed when they dictate what she can and can't draw, how she can or can't use pastels etc. 

She has made the decision to go in May so now I must take a back seat and hope for the best.  She wants this to be her future and I won't take that away.  She actually wants to be an illustrator!!  Book covers, PB stories etc. for my stories!!  ROFL  I can hardly refuse that!  She understands what she is in for, so with that in mind, I will let her grow.  Will let everyone know what happens in May!!!  Wish us luck---See ya soon!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Little about me

Most writers blogs are based on things they write about or things they have learned about the writing world and want to share their knowledge with us!  I follow many writers myself who do this.  However, for me, I've decided there are more than enough blogs out there already based on the subject of writing.  How to write, when to write, what to write about.  Your MC, your plot, your MS, publishers, to agent or not to agent and the list goes on.

While every one of these blogs are helpful for us, I thought my writing.... just writing... about kids, family issues, life, and my own controveries with writing are more the way I wanted to go.  Ya never know, I may change along the way.  For now, this is my comfort zone.  So begins my journey of blogging!

Hopefully I won't bore you with the not so unique life of a writer.  Every one of us goes through the same things as we progress with our work.  The uniqueness comes from what has brought me to this point of being a writer.  Blogging is a whole new thing for me, as I'm sure it is for several others.  I hope to share some fun, laughter and possibly some tears along the way!  Wish me luck and until another day..... See ya soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Staying in Touch

How many of us out there sit back and watch our children on the computer?  How many of us really know what they are doing?  Facebook has become stomping grounds for our kids.  They are entertained by playing the countless number of games that are offered and they can chat with their 100's of friends.  (Half of them they don't even know!)  There are but a handful of parents that will investigate just what their children are doing, the rest.... well, shame on you!

I am one of those annoying moms and proud to admit it!  My girls were not allowed to have a FB without me having their passwords.  I sat with them to set it up and made sure they set the privacy to 'friends only,' no exception!  No information was given for school, age, gender etc.  That was last year.

I randomly pull up their information (at the very least, once a week) to make sure they are maintaining their end of the bargin.  Needless to say, I was shocked recently when I viewed several disturbing comments on one of my daughter's page.  I was aware that she has been having some conflict with some girls from her school and thought things were being dealt with on that end.  It's on going... unfortunately. (We'll discuss that in more detail later.)

Here's where I tell you about a new site that not very many parents are aware of.  I was completely in the dark on this one!  My daughter was told to get a Formspring accout by this particular girl  (so they could talk things over)... she did.  OMG---people---listen when I tell you, if you haven't seen this site and you think your child might be on it.... STOP THEM!!  Stop them NOW!! 

This site allows children to openly slander, curse, cyber-bully and anything else that you can't imagine!  If you've found your child is involved with this site, read everything!!  I know some teens can be cruel but this goes beyond cruel.  If you find anything that is remotely resembling this new wave of bullying, copy it!  Make 3 copies.  One for the school, one for the police and one for yourself!! 

I hope that any of you who read this heed the warning and stay in touch with your kids!!  They are not going to always tell you what is going on in their lives but there are ways you can prevent some things.  If you have a similar situation, feel free to comment and tell us what you've found and how you are dealing!!