Thursday, May 5, 2011

Proud Mama

So last night at the girls school they held what they call a Highlights Night!  It's purpose is to show parents, friends and everyone else who attends the things your child has learned all year.  It is set up throughout the school in every hallway, some things are held in the classroom. 

We rush to get there for 6:00pm because daughter #5 is dancing in the gym.  It was a Social Studies rap song that a group of 140 kids put together about Paul Revere!  Naturally, daughter #5 had said she and just a couple of her friends were the only ones who could really do this particular dance and to my surprise, she was right.  You have to picture 140 students trying to move and sing at the same time, all together, in get my point.  She did great!  She is definitely my goofy child!!  She brings a smile to everyone's face and will have you in stitches with her silliness.

Daughter #4 had met up with some friends and was pretty much on her own until it was time for her art showing.  Daughter #5 now has to make a mad dash to her French class where she is serving French pastries.  The class was decorated to look like a French cafe--desks pulled together and covered with table cloths, a small vase of flowers for the extra touch and the kids with their French berets!  Too cool.  And the pastries... nummmmy!!  After her time in French class daughter #5 volunteered to sell the Highlight book which has poetry, artwork and other writings from students.  Future authors!!  Be on the lookout!!

I meet up with both girls for a little dinner.  Hot dogs (chili, cheese), Nacho's (chili, cheese) drinks and chips but hey, it hit the spot.  We move on to the library where a silent auction was being held but I wasn't there for that.  Daughter #4 had her artwork displayed on the other side of the library.  I was completely shocked when I saw her work.  I have told y'all that she is being tested for talented week.  The work that we submitted for her came from last year's portfolio.

She has always had a talented hand with art (and I can tell ya--she doesn't get it from me!) but this was beyond what I thought I was going to see.  Her detail, the colors and the scenes were amazing.  Not that everyone's work was not great, it's just that you can tell when someone's work goes beyond great.  I would point out others and say,  'oh, this one is good!' and she would reply, 'yeah, she's in talented art.'  Daughter #4's work was damn near, if not better than kids who are already in the talented art program!

All in all, it was a great night and the girls and I had a great time.  I'm always proud of my girls no matter how silly or spectacular they do with their interests, I let them know!  I am one proud mama!       See Ya Soon

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