Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writer Moment

I know that I have said that this blog would be a bit different from other writer's blogs but I've decided a once a month writer's moment can't hurt.  So this blog is dedicated to my unending battle with my query.  I belong to the great and wonderful family of writers who help other writers work to be the best they can be.  That would be the Absolute Write family.  Better known as AW'ers!

I have to say that back in November 2010, I discovered a website holding a contest for first time YA novel writers. (Yay--that's me)  Unpublished  (Uh, yay?--that's me too)  Deadline December 31st  (Whoa--I just started this novel in Nov.  Can I pull this off?--Yeah, go for it!)  So every day and every night for nearly thirty days I pounded the keyboard.  I must admit, it wasn't as clean as I would have liked it to be but complete nonetheless!  I got my novel in before the contest deadline.  (Go me!)  Unfortunately, my novel was not the selected winner but at that point that was not what mattered to me.  I had finished a YA novel!  With the extra time now, I can clean up things and bring it to a point where I was ready for submissions.

With the help of some of the most awesomeness of AW'ers as Beta Readers, I have perfected what I am comfortable with submitting!  On to writing the query.  Uuuggghhh---that means hell on AW.  QLH (Query Letter Hell) has been both a blessing and a pulling my hair out experience.  It has taken me quite a while to really get my query to a happy point. 

When they say hell  they mean just that.  I started with what I thought was a pretty darn good query and was set back with some of the responses.  All of them very helpful but all of them completely different.  Which one do you go with?  So, I returned to the drawing board and went for it again.  Again, helpful suggestions and again very different suggestions.  This went on for quite a while, and actually, if I posted another query, I know for sure I would get the same results.  Please don't get me wrong--I love everyone there who at least takes the time to stop by and read and suggest.  My point is that everyone has a completely different opinion on the who, what, when, where, how and why.  It is ultimately up to you--the writer--to figure out what works and what doesn't.  I enlisted the help of a few people who followed every query I posted for an extra assist and to them I am truly grateful! 

So now, with query in hand... well on file... I embark on my next step.  Wish me luck and maybe by next month's Writer Moment, I will be able to share some awesome news!              See Ya Soon


  1. Yeah, it's tough that everyone has their own ideas about what appeals to them (including me :P). I think it would help to identify issues many people point out, even if everyone has different ideas on how to fix it. You don't have to follow their suggestions but at least you'd know which parts need work.

    You're right that you're the writer and it's up to you. There's certainly no way you can please everyone with your query, but as long as the issues people have are more style/voice and less grammar/confusion then I think you're good to go. Hope my contribution to the melting pot of different opinions was helpful rather than baffling. :)

  2. I think a once a month writer's moment is a great idea! I also agree that all the different opinions sometimes make more confusion than help. I love my AWers, but ultimately (and they say this as well) it's up to you, the writer. There will always be something to fix :)Keep us updated!

  3. Hey linda that's exactly what I tried to do. Repeated responses are the best because it absolutely sends you a signal of the area that needs the most work. Your suggestions were spot on! Thank you so much for suffering in hell with me!

  4. Thanks shiela-- It truly was the writer in me that could not resist the post! I've sent out a couple of queries so far so I will definitely keep everyone posted!

  5. I like the idea of having "writer moments" good post. And good luck with the queries. Keep us updated!