Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teen Drama

There is one thing that is always going on in my home.  Drama!!  This week's drama is the devastating break-up between daughter #4 and her boyfriend.  I know, I know.  Two months is a long time to be together and the pains of losing the love of your life has left her saddened.  Yep, you got it--- the old girlfriend came back into the picture and he jumped ship to go back to her.

Like any mom would, I saw the approaching signs.  Didn't want to come over to visit, didn't want her over, made excuses (my mom won't let me kinda thing) for not wanting to go to a movie etc.  I let her know that things just seemed a little strange and she may want to back out.  Girls are very stubborn when it comes to taking advice but having older sisters and a mom that gets a very good read from people, she was prepared.  They went together to the school dance and he spent a few hours at my home over the weekend.  On Monday, she was given the news!

Daughter #4 is not your typical teen.  She handled the whole situation very well.  She told him if that's what he wanted then she was fine.  She wished she would have known he still had feelings for the other girl 'cause she would have asked someone else to go to the dance.  She then ended the chat (FB chat---what a way to break up) went into her room, then walked outside.  As a concerned mom, (1st love---devastation) I gave her a few minutes alone, then followed out the back door.

Now here's where I have to give you the visual.  Right outside my backdoor  (approx. 60ft. away) we have an open fire pit.  Great for winter cold and awesomeness to sit out and just enjoy.  Well, there she was.  Sitting on the side of the pit looking into the fire.  "Fire!!  What are you doing???"  I walk over to the pit to see the stuffed animal her now ex-boyfriend had given her slowly burning.  Wanting to comfort her, I sit and place my arms around her.  "Are you okay?"   "I'm fine," she responds.  "In that case we need to help this thing burn."  I go into the shed, fill a small cup with gasoline and pour it onto the slow burning bear.  It naturally shoots up in flames and she bursts into laughter.  "Go get more!"

By this time daughter #5 spots us and hollers at daughter #2 (who was visiting at the time) and the four of us sat outside laughing and cutting up.  We kept the fire going for a couple of hours with logs and it turned out to be a great bonding night! 

Boys will come and boys will go, but there's nothing like a good fire!  See ya soon!


  1. That is awesome. *takes notes for future reference*

  2. Great, but I have multiple friends who have been in Gasoline related accidents... stuff is very unstable and super dangerous ;) So next time I recommend starter fluid.

  3. I absolutely love this story. You are an amazing Mom. That is exactly what was needed. A little silence, and fuel for her fire!!

  4. Thanks Michelle! That's what I'm here for!

  5. Indie--Have no fear! I soak old rags and toss them in. Always safe!

  6. Thanks Ryann!! I should be replacing Dr. Phil any day now! LOL!