Sunday, June 3, 2012


I know, I know---I have been very neglectful about keeping my peeps updated with the wild goings on in my life.  I can tell you that nothing much has changed over the course of the last few months.  I did move---twice.  The girls are impressively resilient to everything that has been going on and I must say I am truly proud of them for being strong through all of this.

In between everything else, I managed to complete my YA novel--most of you will remember its title Death & The Dreamers.  My truly good friend Christine Green--Green Proofing on FB--did some great editing for me very early on and after some great feedback from several beta readers,  I was ready!  We writers all know what happens from this point.  The queries go out, the rejections come back. 

The white light, my angel (mom), God or whoever your faith is in, trust it!  Through some very strange series of events, I found WAMM   With some very dedicated and extremely helpful peeps there, I was able to see deep into my story and began more editing, adding nearly 15,000 more words, creating a novel from a novella and excited with the results!  During the process, I felt a need to change the title... so I did!!  It is now titled Fool Me Once.

I submitted my newly completed work and was offered a contract!  I can tell you, it is an amazing feeling to receive an e-mail that doesn't start with... At this time, we are not looking for---or Although your writing style is good, we don't have a need for... or any other form letter ya get from agents.  I admit, when I opened that e-mail---I cried, yeppers I did!!  I have put off a dream of mine that I have had for as long as I can remember, to be a mom.  The girls have always been first!  That's just me.  I still volunteer with D#4's Color Guard, and D#5 is ready for high school now, so I feel comfortable in taking MY time.  So yeah, it was a tearful event for us all.  I always had their support with this novel---we all cried happy tears!

Contract signed---duuhhh---we are now in the phase of creating the book cover!  My light at the end of the tunnel is right there!!  Tip of my fingers.  Here is the cover---

I know right!!  Fo' Shizzle!!  The reality of it all is still sinking in and I can't wait for the day when I can report to you all the release date, book signing dates and all the other things authors do!!  (Did ya catch that?---AUTHOR!!)  In the meantime, you should all visit WAMM for all of their books---I know you will see some very familiar names!  Amazing Fiction writer, Trish Stewart with Taking Lessons From Ernest, Multi-talented June Kramin with Come And Talk To Me and several MG books also and one of my favs---Mary Cote with The Red of Flowing Blood I See.  You can find these and much, much, much more on the website---so what are ya waiting for??  Get on over there now and make sure you keep your eyes out for my very first YA novel!!  I will expect feedback!! 
See ya soon...