Friday, April 8, 2011

Little about me

Most writers blogs are based on things they write about or things they have learned about the writing world and want to share their knowledge with us!  I follow many writers myself who do this.  However, for me, I've decided there are more than enough blogs out there already based on the subject of writing.  How to write, when to write, what to write about.  Your MC, your plot, your MS, publishers, to agent or not to agent and the list goes on.

While every one of these blogs are helpful for us, I thought my writing.... just writing... about kids, family issues, life, and my own controveries with writing are more the way I wanted to go.  Ya never know, I may change along the way.  For now, this is my comfort zone.  So begins my journey of blogging!

Hopefully I won't bore you with the not so unique life of a writer.  Every one of us goes through the same things as we progress with our work.  The uniqueness comes from what has brought me to this point of being a writer.  Blogging is a whole new thing for me, as I'm sure it is for several others.  I hope to share some fun, laughter and possibly some tears along the way!  Wish me luck and until another day..... See ya soon!


  1. I see blogging as an opportunity for self promotion. Selfish I know. I have started, and allowed to languish, an absurd number of blogs that I simply forgot about. Many of them I just forgot the password or became to lazy to maintain. Now that I am drawing closer to some of my WIP goals, time to get serious about my web presence.

    Good luck with your blog, I certainly will follow you, I love to know what other writers are doing.

  2. Self promottion is never a bad thing! As writers we all must put ourselves out there in one way or another. I find it easier to tell a story in a blog rather than tweet a sentence every 2 minutes!

    Thank you to my new followers! Indie, Beckah, Greenify and Michelle (my first brave follower)! This could get very interesting.