Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drama Continues!

So it has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to post and right now I am using the kiddies computer.  My computer has taken a total nose dive!  Like really crash and burn, leaving me with fingers aching to hit the keyboard.  One lesson I have taken from my tragic computer failure is no matter how much you love the little ones, never-ever... allow them full usage of the computer.

The story goes:  Nick Jr. is a great site to keep the grand babies entertained, but don't leave them alone.  Not for a second!  They can be quite sneaky when your head is turned.  Things were going great.  Family get-together, swimming, playing Wii games, kiddies on computer; great fun right!?  Next thing I know, I see my computer shut off.  I look over to see youngest has pressed the button---because it told her to!  LOL--I can do that now.  Then, I walked over and hit the button to reboot the computer.  What do I get---a blank screen---then safe mode option (which I thought strange, but selected open normally)--then back to safe mode screen again.

This continued for quite a while until I gave up and sent everyone away from the computer area.  The next morning, I checked again.  I got a repeat of the same formats!  Uuuuugggghhh!!  I decide to go to Office Depot and inquire what I need to do to which the guy in the computer department informed me that my computer was fried.  (Yes, he used those exact words)  "It's dead," he says, "you probably bought a cheap computer."

Now I'm pissed!  "A cheap computer?  Is that what you sell here?  Cause this is where I bought it!"  I was literally ready to clock the guy on the side of the head with the two books I had just purchased next door at Books A Million!  "Don't y'all have anyone that can at least check it out for me?"   "No," he says, "best thing for you to do is buy a new one."  To which I reply, "I won't be buying anything from this store again.  You can count on that one."  Needless to say, I stormed out!  Came home, cried for an hour over my anxiousness---having just completed my YA Fantasy Novel and Query ready to send out---I did not think to back it up!!  I was sick to my stomach!  Called the Geek Squad from Best Buy and the guy there said---the idiot from Office Depot didn't know what he was talking about and they could recover everything for a mere $100.00.

Well, with a family member being a geek himself, I called him.  It has been two weeks and we have tried everything we could possibly do and still nothing.  I'm in a dead panic but I'm holding out hope for one more thing he has up his sleeve and still believes we can recover everything.  Until then I am in limbo!!  I hope to continue to post on the girls computer so hang in with me!!  Wish me luck!!              See ya soon!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll be hoping and praying you get your work recovered from your computer. What an awful thing to happen. I really feel for you. I wrote a general adult novel and I'm now writing a YA fantasy and I can only imagine how that would feel.
    Something like that happened to our home computer and we bought software called POWER SUITE -Fix It Yourself (bootable CD) by Spotmau,Inc. It booted up the computer and allowed us to copy all our files onto a jumpdrive or disc. Once you copy everything off, then you might have to re-format and re-install the operating system on your computer. This worked great for us - we thought all was lost and we were so happily surprised when the software booted the computer back up. Good Luck! I hope it works!
    I love that you write about your experiences and not writing advice - it's great! I do something similar - I write about all kind of things I find interesting, including some family experiences. My blog is called the Startled Spyglass. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Hi Brenda! Thanks so much for the info. I will definitely pass it on to my geeky nephew and ya never know!

    I love to write about my experiences! There are so many other blogs out there that help writers and thought to make mine more journal-like. I will definitely visit your site and will follow you. We may have more in common than just crashing computers!

  3. That's awful! I had a similar experience with my desktop computer a while back. The computer crew managed to get everything back for me but I was in a dead panic for days. Now I have an email account that I use just for emailing myself my documents at the end of each day (my backup method).

    I sincerely hope that you get your work back. I think worst-case-scenario they'll just pull your hard drive. All your stuff it there, so they should be able to get it, it just might take some specific hardware (that's what they needed for me).

    Hang in there!

  4. Hey Steve--that's the one thing I do have is the last e-mail from you that I'm hanging on to! After doing edits from that I went from 25000 to 32000 words!!! If all else fails my plan is to go back to your e-mail & rewrite again. I should know something by this weekend so I'm keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for the support! :)