Friday, May 13, 2011

That's Just Me!

Yes, you will learn that I have CRS!  It's not contagious nor is it something that will affect my health, but damn, it does tick me off sometimes.

I totally had a great post that I wrote on Tuesday--all about my Mother's Day fun.  You'll have to take my word for it--it was funny!  It involved D's #1 & 2 and had a moral to the story and everything!  To my shock, I signed onto my blog today and found it not there!  WTH!  Damn--it was really good.  Some of you who know me, know that my brain plays games with me.  I will think I hit the send button on the computer and accidentally hit delete!  I have become infamous for doing these silly things.  So, my guess is that it has carried over to my blog. 

I hit the preview button to make sure what I had typed was error free.  I then should have entered the publish post button----obviously, that's not what I did.  I really wish you could have read that one!  I won't lie, it really was a good one!  I had to laugh at myself as I was writing it! :)  I wish I could remember the entire story so that I could repost, but alas---CRS! 

For now, this one will have to do.  I apologize for the loss of such a great story, but be assured, there will be more to come!  Oh, yeah---for those of you who have never had or experienced CRS---then you're too young to be affected.  For the rest of us---CRS---Can't Remember Shit!!                  See ya soon!

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