Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yes, I know it's been a couple of months since I have indulged my once a month rantings on writing.  I'm here now and ready to dive in!  Topic?  Hmm...I have contemplated this for a while and have decided to try to figure out what makes a writer write about their personal genere.  We all have it!  Whether it's PB, YR, MG or YA; Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia or Steampunk.  Choosing whether to write in 1st Person, 3rd Person---past, present is yet aother obstacle to deal with. So many different choices, so many different levels.

Me... I dabble in a bit of, well, let's just say I've done a couple of different ones.  I started off with what I thought would be appropriate for YR Fantasy.  Everything written, I now wonder if I want to break up the stories and individualize them.  I know I'm not really making sense with this one--it's a difficult one to explain.  After completing several stories, (and more to come)  I decided to put them on the back burner and dabble with YA Fantasy choosing 3rd Person, Past, Omniscent Voice.  Yeah, I know right!!

Now complete, and working on the beginnings of 2nd novel, this time choosing 1st Person, Past---just to challenge myself.  I began to notice a pattern of my writing.  DEATH.  Yeppers---everything I have written so far has death involved in one way or another.  Not the blood and guts, devil comin for ya, zombie's wanna eat ya kinda death, but death nontheless.  Yes, even in my YR stories death is involved---but not the way you think.  It's more about children dealing with the loss of someone they loved.  So, yes death, but in a really good way.

I know my writing comes from dreams I had/have.  These particular dreams taunted me forever and became one of my main forces to put pen to paper.  Writing about dreams is a difficult genre to overcome.  There's just too much out there and very competitve so uniqueness is key.  I think I have that, but only time will tell.

So, I pose this question to you, my dear friends.  What is it that drives you to write in the genre you chose?  Why PB, YR, MG or YA?  Why Fantasy, Sci-Fi?  Do you write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd?  Past or Present?  What goes on in your head that causes the paper to dance as you type?

There you have it!  Dig deep and try to figure out why you write in the style you write and let me know!!                                                             See ya soon!!


  1. It's certainly an interesting thing to think about! I just write the stories that come to me. For the most part, they seem to fall solidly in the MG realm. :)

  2. Glad I'm not alone in my thought process!! There's a reason deep in our minds that causes those characters to pop up. Keep up the writing Shelly!!

  3. I'm a YA first person past tense person, who is branching out into YA first person present tense for novel #3 (I know, daring right? :P)

    Don't know why really, just the way it came out. I like being the character myself, hence first person I think.

  4. Truly daring Ruth!! I don't think I have anything done 1st person except my first few chapters of new book. It seems that is the way to go right now, 1st person---trendy thing.
    Thanks bunches for the input and the follow! Good to have ya on board.

  5. I'm trying to decide on POV for a story that I have in my head... I'm so indecisive.

  6. Hmm...a lot to think about there. I suppose my horror writing was influenced by King and the fact that I just do better with horror in short stories. I've done 1st person present, 1st person, past, and 3rd person, omniscient. Not all in the same story of course. :D

    I am particularly fond of fantasy books, but the novel I chose to write (actually it chose me) is SF/Horror, 3rd person, omniscient. I have no idea why, except for the fact that I really enjoy movies such as I Am Legend, Mad Max, The Book of Eli...apocalyptic tales.

    One day I'd like to write YA and definitely a fantasy book or saga. :)